July 29-31
Frisco, TX


We welcome your event attendance and value your coverage of participating companies. All approved media are provided complimentary event access. Your media badge provides:

  • Two-Day Access to 150+ exhibits
  • Summit Special Events including: 
    • Welcome Reception
    • Fashion Show
    • Summer Jam
    • After-Hours Golf & Networking
  • Complimentary Equipment & Technology Sessions

Contact [email protected] with questions or for special assistance.

Please review NEW media badge types and qualifications prior to registering.

Badge Types:  PGA Buying Summit offers editorial (reporting), influencer (social media) - NEW, and non-editorial (non-reporting) media badges. 

Eligibility/Approval:  Each type of media badge has a "proof of eligibility" requirement to gain admittance and ensure a professional business environment. (See Below) Approval of media credentials is at the sole discretion of PGA Golf Exhibitions. 

Media Attendance Terms & Conditions: All media badges allow access to exhibits and general attendee events with permission to carry and use recording (still image, video, audio) equipment. It is the badge holder’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permission and releases. Details of media attendance terms and conditions are available here.


Editorial Media Badges (Reporting Media):


Positions eligible for an editorial media badge include staff writers, editors, reporters, radio/television program talent/hosts, producers/directors, production crew (audio, camera, lighting), photographers, freelancers on assignment.


  • Copy of valid press pass issued by a bona fide news organization, or
  • Copy of a recent issue of a publication, with masthead listing of your editorial position, or
  • Copy of a recent bylined story that identifies you as writer, reporter or contributor to a publication.
  • Original letter of assignment from an established media outlet.
  • URL of an established media outlet with identification of editorial staff.
  • URL of an established website that reports/opines on relevant subjects related to PGA Shows, golf industry and/or participating exhibitors, with identification of the requesting writer/contributor.

Influencer Badges (Social Media) - NEW:


Active golf content creators with an engaged following on an established social media platform may apply for an Influencer media badge to create golf/golf lifestyle content and promote their appearance at the event. (See additional Information here.)


  • URL to social platform(s) showing a combined following of 100,000 followers* or more across Instagram, “X”, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube.
    • *If your follower count is less than 100,000, but your content hits the mark, we encourage you to still APPLY. We love creators with a following of all sizes and enjoy helping you grow your audience. There’s still an opportunity for you to be approved depending on the volume of applications we receive.
  • Previous posts must feature golf and golf lifestyle content.
  • Meme accounts and people who only repost other creators’ content should not apply.

 Non-Editorial Media Badges (Non-Reporting Media):


Positions eligible for a non-editorial media badge include professional non-reporting positions at a media outlet, media/PR professionals at an allied golf organization or professionals of an exhibitor-contracted media/PR agency (who are not exhibitor staff)


  • Company website (screenshot/PDF) identifying your company name and current business address, and which sufficiently demonstrates your company affiliation with the golf media outlet, allied golf organization or exhibitor-contracted media agency.
  • Other appropriate documentation that clearly demonstrates, as solely determined by show management, you or your company is affiliated with the golf media outlet, allied golf organization or exhibitor-contracted media agency.

PGA Shows does not recognize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and certain other social media platforms as qualifying for non-editorial media badge credentials.


Media Contact:
Sherry Major
PGA Shows Media/PR
305-318-5208 | [email protected]