July 29-31
Frisco, TX

Learning Tracks

Immerse yourself with fellow golf professionals in a series of tracks that will equip you with the latest tools and resources to make smart business decisions, drive bottom line profits and remain competitive in the golf industry.


Executive Management provides leadership and organizational structure while managing all business operations of the facility. This includes best practices of model clubs, hiring and training techniques used to find the best fit and knowing the performance metrics that high performing managers use to gauge success.


The PGA of America’s mission is to grow the game of golf which is accomplished by PGA of America Golf Professionals who develop, supervise and evaluate teaching services.

Teaching the game is a process that never stops as effective Teachers search for new teaching and coaching strategies that succeed with many types of learners and players of differing levels of ability. The teaching and coaching offerings at the PGA of America Education Conference will be presented by industry-leading professionals and authorities focused on enhancing your overall effectiveness with your players.

This learning track will provide you with tools to plan your teaching business, categorize your player programs, and develop your marketing & communication tactics for a fully integrated teaching and coaching service.


This track offers Professionals the opportunity to learn how to increase job impact from industry experts. It includes presentations on responsibilities for golf management such as customer service, tournament management, tee reservation services, merchandising and staff training among other operations in the facility.

Additional Educational Offerings


This year’s Education Conference adds new partner association sessions focused on retail strategies, marketing practices and more. Partner association sessions will feature industry experts who have presented at conferences by the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) as well as Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). These sessions will be held at the Omni PGA, Palmer B/C meeting rooms.